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We, Hangzhou Xiaoyong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, doing a professional work on organic fertilizer, especially for humate fertilizer.

We offer potassium fulvic humate, potassium humate, sodium humate, humic acid with an annual output 5000 tons. Our potassium humate flake&sodium humate flake are very competitive in quality and price.

We are product list for huamte fertilizer:
Humic Acid Fertilizer
Humic Acid Powder
Humic Acid Liquid
Humic Acid Ball Granule
Humic Acid Shiny Ball Granule
Humic Acid Shiny Flake

Potassium Humate Fertilizer
Potassium Humate Powder
Potassium Humate Liquid
Potassium Humare Crystal
Potassium Humate Shiny Flake
Potassium Humate Shiny Powder
Potassium Humate Fulvic Shiny Flake

Sodium Humate Fertilizer
Sodium Humate Flake
Sodium Humate Shiny Powder 
Sodium Humate Powder
Sodium Humate Shiny Crystal

Sodium Humate Ball Granule


Fulvic Acid Fertilizer
Mineral-Based Organic Fulvic Acid 45% Poweder
Bio Fulvic Acid 45% Powder Fertilizer
Fulvic acid 95% Powder Fertilizer

Xiaoyong people would like to create the prosperity of the amino acid fertilizer & humate fertilizer together with you hand in hand.


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