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Potassium humate flake/ powder small packing     Back

Product Description

Potassium humate small packing (1kg) is a regular product to clients.
Humic Acid is a kind of high polymer heterogeneous aromatic materials contains hydroxyl, carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl and other active groups with black or brown appearance. It has the functions of chelation, complexing, ion exchange, floc, dispersion and adhesion. It is non-toxic, odorless.


Product Specification



Product Name

Humic Acid shiny flake/powder


Black shiny flake/powder

Water Solubility




Particle Size


PH Value


Active Content

Humic acid: 65%


Product Benefits

1. Plasticizer of ceramics
2. Water purification
3. Feed additives
4. Used in medicine, dirty-removing, water-increasing agent of werll slurry, water reducing 

  agent of concrete, water treatment agent, softening agent of water, ion exchange agent, 

  soil modifier, plant growth regulator and animal remedy


Packing: we can make humate fertilizer with small packing(1kg,5kg,10kg)
                  it's our strong products.

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