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Product Description

Biochemical fulvic acid potassium is a high active coal-like fulvic acid made of plant residue by 
bio-fermentation (fulvic acid is a type of humic acid with lightest molecular weight and highest activity).


Product Specification



Product Name

BIO-Potassium Fulvic Acid


Dark brown powder

Water Solubility




Particle Size


PH Value


Active Content

Fulvic acid: 45%; K2O:9-10%;

Amino Acid: 8.5%; Crude protein: 19.5%


Product Benefits

1. Regiment improves soil structure, loose soil; improve soil fertilizer conservation ability
2. Strengthen the plant roots adhesion and the ability to quickly absorb
3. Reduce the hazards of salt ions on seeds and seedlings
4. Have a significant effect on synergy of potash fertilizer
5. This product can stimulate crop rooting fast , multi- rooting.
6. Nitrogen fixation, Phosphate solubilization, Potassium Activation
7. Had a significant effect on the physiological disease caused by lack of trace elements


Packing: Woven bag or paper bag with liner. According to customers’ demand.

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