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Product Description

It is extracted from nature high active leonardite. a kind of bioactive growth stimulant and soil 
conditioner with humic acids. Suitable for sandy and clay soils. It can be applied to all agriculture 
and horticulture plants. It can add npk fertilizer or trace elements like Mn,zn, ca, Mg.


Product Specification



Product Name

Humic Acid liquid


As customer required


Water Solubility


Particle Size

PH Value

Active Content


Product Benefits

1. Improve the quality of the soil ,help the soil to creat crumb structure ,keep the water &nutrients in the soild

2. Enhance the utilization of N,P,K,also can chelate with Trace Element, Balance the crops 'nutrients

3. Enhance crops anti-stress capability like drought & cold resistance

4. Improve Quality of the fruit like watermelon,Hamimelon,sugarcane,sugarbeet ,etc...

5. Promote roots growth

6. Increase 20~30% yeild

7. Adjust PH value.

8. Degaradation harmful substance in the soil


Packing: According to customers’ demand.

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