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Humate&Fulvic Acid
Amino Acid
Tea Seed Meal
Chemical Fertilizer
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Sodium Humate ball granule

Potassium Humate powder

Potassium Humate ball granule

Potassium Humate column

Zinc Fulvic Acid

Magnesium Humate

Compound Fertilizer with Humate

Mineral-based organic fulvic acid 45% powder fertilizer

Tea Seed Flake

Compound Amino acid 40% H2SO4 Base

Compound Amino acid 45% vegetable origin. H2SO4 Base

Compound Amino acid 60% vegetable origin. H2SO4 Base

Tea Seed Meal Powder

Compound Amino acid 70%-80%

Amino acid powder 80% Chlorides free

Amino Acid Powder 80% Organic for Agriculture

Amino Acid powder animal origin

Tea Seed pellet

Amino Acid Granule

Tea Seed Meal Without Straw

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