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Biological Benefits of Humic Acids
Published :12/2/2013 2:07:55 AM
 Humic acids biologically stimulate the plant and the activities of micro-organisms. 
Stimulate plant enzymes and increase their production. Act as an organic catalyst in many biological processes. Stimulate growth and proliferation of micro-organisms in soil. Enhance plants natural resistance against disease and pest. Stimulate root growth, especially vertically and enable better uptake of nutrients. Increase root respiration and root formation. Promote the development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids in plants and aid in photosynthesis. Increase vitamin and mineral content of plants. Thicken the cell walls in fruits and prolong the storing and shelf time. Increase germination and viability of seeds. Stimulate plant growth (higher biomass production) by accelerating cell division, increasing the rate of development in root systems and increasing the yield of dry matter. Increase the quality of yields; improve their physical appearance and nutritional value. 
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