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Economic Benefits of Humic Acids
Published :2/1/2013 3:47:54 PM

Humic acids chelate nutrient compunds, especially iron, in the soil to a form suitable for plant utilization. Thus, the nutrient supply of plants is optimized. High increases up to 70% in yield, accompanied by a reduction up to 30% in the use of fertilizers and pesticides, as well as better and healthier growth of greengrass, ornamentals, agricultural crops and woods can be attained with the regular application of first-quality humic acids. Furthermore, water holding capacity of soils is increased considerably, which means that the use of water can be reduced substantially.

Best economic results can be obtained in light and sandy soils poor in humus as well as on recultivation fields. The diverse positive impacts of humic acids are to be observed particularly in such soils. This is true for almost all soils in dry and warm regions. As a result of the high mineralization rate of organic substances, providing these soils with stable humic acids is indispensable for the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility.

As a result, soils treated with products secure qualitative and quantitative increases in yield and reduce material and labour costs, extensive product line of the highest quality has been designed to suit the demands of a healthy community.

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